Breaking Backup – ReliableDR vs SRM: “Keep Calm and Simplify On”

by Patrick Redknap on April 16, 2014

Our new Breaking Backup video series is live at and there are several videos helping you learn why you need PHD Virtual and Unitrends products in your datacenter!

Video #3 highlights the importance of keeping things simple when deploying a disaster recovery automation tool such as SRM or ReliableDR and why ReliableDR is the choice for you!

ReliableDR disaster recovery software automates the replication and failover of your critical systems so that all Disaster Recovery processes–including failover and failback—can be automated and tested daily at far less cost than complex, manual alternatives. As a result, ReliableDR enables unmatched levels of resiliency for virtual IT infrastructures, and allows you to fully align your IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

PHD Virtual’s ReliableDR gives you Disaster Recovery Assurance by providing continuous proof that your systems are fully recoverable, enabling you to:

  • Provide 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing for continuous proof your IT services are fully recoverable
  • Assure automatic certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved
  • Fully automate DR testing as often as you want to dramatically reduce the time, expense and resources to assure business continuity
  • Deliver complete reporting to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Get immediate detection and alerting of deviations in recovery time and recovery point actuals via dashboards, exported reports, email reports, and SNMP alerts
  • Guarantee rapid and reliable failover of virtualized applications and business services

Watch the video here:

Visit for more info!

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