Disaster Recovery Orchestration for vSphere with Unitrends ReliableDR

by Patrick Redknap on April 25, 2014

ReliableDR coupled with Unitrends other powerful products places Unitrends at the forefront of the convergence of backup and disaster recovery.

With integration across both PHD Virtual Backup and Unitrends Backup solutions, as well as integration with storage arrays and its own embedded VM replication option, ReliableDR offers VMware vSphere users more confidence in recovery than any other solution on the market.  It’s safe to say that no other vendor delivers comprehensive visibility into multi-tiered application recovery – from backup, from VM replicas, or from storage snapshots – because no one else can automate complex verification and failover across guest VMs, the vSphere hypervisor, storage arrays and multiple backup products.  The entire process is tracked and measured against recovery time and point objectives to ensure that not only will recovery be successful, but it will also meet those SLAs.


So what about SRM you might say?

Well VMware SRM is certainly a leader in the current market but is also extremely complex to set up and not viewed as a reliable recovery solution in most cases because all verification is still manual and no recovery metrics are tracked. Personally when looking at ReliableDR vs SRM I have little confidence that SRM will bring up an environment successfully every time compared to ReliableDR’s core capabilities and reliability.

Don’t believe me though!

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