EURid utilizes PHD Virtual Backup and Replication for Local Backup and Disaster Recovery for 3.7 Million Domains

by Patrick Redknap on November 20, 2013

PHD Virtual Technologies announced today that EURid, who runs .eu European top-level domains, is utilizing PHD Virtual for both local backup and VM replication for disaster recovery.

EURid runs .eu by designing, implementing and maintaining the databases and the technical infrastructure needed for .eu to be present on the Internet. A large part of this technical infrastructure is virtualized using Citrix XenServer. Over two years ago, EURid discovered PHD Virtual and use it for day-to-day backup. The company then replicates everything to its secondary site for disaster recovery protection. When EURid went through a datacenter migration, they were able to quickly and easily backup the data at one site, then send it to its second site and quickly restore it and bring it online in a very short period of time.

PHD Virtual proved its worth when during the first year of its application within EURid, an unfortunate incident on the storage environment caused a number of internal systems to go down on a Friday evening. Thanks to PHD Virtual the virtual machines where restored in hours and business never noticed the issue the next day.
PHD’s unique Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) design makes the critical difference in providing a Citrix backup solution that delivers the absolute best value in virtual backup and replication. PHD’s VBA deploys and is managed directly from the XenServer hypervisor without requiring any physical servers or additional software.

“PHD is the only option for Citrix XenServer backup. In my opinion, there is nothing else because their solution is so easy to use, it does what it is supposed to do, and I don’t have to worry about it day in and day out,” said Dirk Jumpertz, Operations & Systems Manager, EURid. “PHD is also extremely efficient with storage, making it a very cost-effective backup solution, and the deduplication is great because it doesn’t use a lot of disk space.”

“While we never want a customer’s system to fail, we are happy when we hear that our solution performed as promised and got them back up and running quickly as was EURid’s recent case,” said Joe Noonan, Senior Product Manager, PHD Virtual. “Having a system that works well and is reliable for such a large Citrix-based operation is also a huge bonus for customers like EURid.”


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