Industry analyst firm SSG Reports on PHD Virtual’s Recovery Management Suite

by Patrick Redknap on November 13, 2013

SSG-NOW is an industry analyst firm that offers written publications and analysis for IT users, business and technology leaders and venture capitalists.

They have just released a report on PHD Virtual’s Recovery Management Suite and how it’s changing the game in the backup and disaster recovery space!


The report also takes a look at the 3 products making up Recovery Management Suite and why each of them is an essential addition to any backup and DR strategy.

Their final wrap up take at the end summed up the solution nicely:

The PHD Virtual Recovery Management Suite strikes a fine balance between low cost, ease-of-use and sophisticated DR capabilities, making it an extremely competitive player in the online backup and restore marketplace. Having integrated backup/restore/replication and automated DR capabilities in a single suite of tools ensures there is no finger-pointing necessary; all of these PHD Virtual products are designed from the ground up to work in unison. Built-in reporting and SLA compliance metrics means that IT can now certify to executive management that their DR plans are continuously tested against established RTOs and RPOs.


You can check out the full SSG report here to find out more about PHD Backup, Cloudhook and ReliableDR and how Recovery Management Suite is the best solution on the market!


You can also see what the experts are saying about ReliableDR!


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