Is your business operating without an IT safety net?

by Steve Kahan on April 7, 2014

Did you get a boatload of World Backup Day pledge messages through Facebook and Twitter last week? This independent global initiative encourages everyone to backup important data on all computing devices — and spread the word. As they say, “friends don’t let friends go without a backup.” Absolutely right.

As people around the globe were taking the World Backup Day pledge, I was presenting at Spring World 2014, the world’s largest BC/DR conference. As I reported, the vast majority of organizations are NOT prepared to respond to intentional or accidental threats to IT systems.

  • 73% failing in terms of disaster readiness (scored a D or F)
  • 60% do not have a documented DR plan
  • 68% plans don’t exist or proved not very useful

The news is not much better for the minority of organizations who have a DR plan in place. Again, the 2014 annual report documents that where they exist, DR plans are largely gathering dust:

  • 31% of organizations test DR plans only once or twice a year
  • 17% test at unspecified intervals
  • 23% never test their plans

Do you know where your company stands? If not, here are three things you can do right now without incurring any expense whatsoever.

  1. Take the online DR Benchmark survey that feeds into the 2014 Annual Report on the State of Disaster Recovery. The survey takes about 15 minutes and gives you an immediate letter grade (A through F) so you’ll know immediately where you stand on IT preparedness compared to more than 2,000 organizations.
  1. Download your free copy of the 2014 annual report today. This eye-opening report will point the way toward best practices for disaster preparedness — and help you make the case with your CEO and finance team for the funding you need both to put a sound DR plan in place and see that staff members are trained for action in case of a threat.
  1. Get onboard with a free trial of PHD Virtual Reliable DR. See for yourself how you can affordably test your recovery capabilities every week, every day or every hour if you want—a breakthrough in DR planning and preparedness.

FIND OUT TODAY how strong your organization’s IT safety net is. The risk of not knowing is just too high.

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