Offsite Data Protection Recovery Scenarios – An application outage occurs

by Patrick Redknap on February 26, 2014

This is another scenario with our fictional sys-admin “John” that i’m going to use to demonstrate how ReliableDR can save the day!!

In this scenario, IT manager John gets a call that his company’s CRM application is not working properly after an application update has been applied. Conducting a quick review of the situation, John determines that he can’t fix the issue due to the number of changes the update has made to all 5 servers in the application. He will need to roll back and restore the application to a previous point in time. Since this application is scheduled to replicate every hour through ReliableDR, John just has to choose the last CRP before the application was updated and roll it back.

This is easily accomplished by right clicking on the job in ReliableDR, choosing “Failover to CRP” and designating “Production Network” for the network mapping. This brings all of the VMs that make up the application into the live network in the DR site. John is able to finish the failover of the application into the live network at the DR site and also has previously written scripts run to reconfigure the routers, firewalls and DNS for that application.

The VMs that make up the application are also set to have their IP addresses automatically updated to match the network IP scheme of the DR site. Once he finishes the failovers, John calls the IT and QA staff to verify the application is performing properly. The failover is now committed, so the target servers are now the master for replication for when the main site comes back up. He can now work on the updated servers at the production site to see where the problem lies since they are no longer being accessed.
Once the root cause of the outage has been identified and a resolution confirmed, the VM’s running out of the DR site can be replicated back to the primary site with the most recent data. At the next available maintenance window the application can be failed back to the production site and the update applied again.

For a look at this feature plus a lot more of ReliableDR’s other features check out Doug Brown’s full video overview of ReliableDR below!

You can also see what’s new in ReliableDR 3.3 here:

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