Parallel Archiving – Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4

by Patrick Redknap on May 12, 2014

UEB-7-4-219x300Long-term retention is needed for many verticals that have compliance requirement – health care, financial, insurance, government, etc.  There are however still many companies that choose to keep long enough retention where they need to run lower cost secondary storage for archive purposes.  This makes archiving a key feature to consider when looking at a backup solution!

Unitrends backup has a core feature called D2D2X archiving.  This process allows data to be moved to cheaper storage for very long-term retention. In the old 7.3 release, only one backup was processed at a time for archiving, but the 7.4 release allows multiple backups to be archived at the same time. This increases performance of the archive process, especially when advanced features such as compression, encryption, etc. are leveraged as archive options! :)

Parallel archiving reduces the window for running archives of multiple backups, especially those using compression and encryption, to ensure that protection windows are met as data grows in the environment!

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