PHD Virtual Backup 5.1 Retention Policies

by Patrick Redknap on December 1, 2010

This is a reposting of Pete Del Rey’s post from PHD Virtual’s PHD Expert’s blog.

The PHD Virtual Backup (PHDVB) 5.1 release for both VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer includes advanced retention policies. These options are similar to the approach esXpress 4 took with its DeDupe Trim the Herd settings. The idea being to over time reduce and trim back your backups from retaining them daily, to weekly, to monthly and eventually a yearly backup. This makes for setting flexible retention polices for your backup archives. You can also choice to set your retention to a simplified approach with just indicating ‘number of backups to keep’. With PHDVB 5.1 the flexibility is there and the choice is yours. It also offers an archiving ability to indicate backups to never delete regardless of the retention settings.

Retention Settings: There are three options available for your retention settings.

Keep All – – This indicates do not automatically delete any backups. You are choosing to retain all of your backups.
Typical – – This is a preset configuration for the various retention settings that a typical installation may set up.
Custom – – When a user sets any option different then the Typical setting the mode will automatically be set to Custom.

Recent Backups to Keep – – This is the simplified setting to just have PHDVB keep only the last number of backups. For example if you want to always keep the last 5 backups set this option to 5. If this is the only option you want to use then set all of the additional options to 0. That will indicate do not use that retention option.

‘And keep the most recent backup from each of the last:’

Days - This indicates to keep the last number of days of backups. For example if your requirement is to always have a week of backups set this to 7.

Weeks - This further defines the retention to indicate how many of the last weeks of backups to use. For example if you want a months worth of weekly backups then set this value to 4. The weekly backup kept will be the last day of the week.

Months - This continues the retention policy for monthly backups for PHDVB to keep. If your requirement is to keep a monthly backup for each month of the year then set this option to 12. The monthly backup kept will be the last day of the month.

Years - This sets how many of the last yearly backups you wish to keep.

Retention Notes:
- Days start at 00:00:00 and include the current day.
- Weeks start on Monday and include the current week.
- Months are based on the calendar month and include the current month.
- Years are based on the calendar year and include the current year.
- Retention adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
- Backup files marked as Archive will never be deleted

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