PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V Officially Released!

by Robert Payne on December 18, 2013

It’s a milestone day here at PHD. Well, more like a milestone week. As you may have heard, we became a part of the Unitrends family on Monday. You can read more about that in this blog post from Unitrends CTO Mark Campbell. Both companies are very excited and we can’t way to start working together.

And today we released PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V and with it, became the only company to agentlessly support all three major hypervisors for data protection – VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V!

In a blog post last week I discussed what game changing potential this solution has for the industry. It basically boils down to the fact that this first release is FREE, and if you purchase a support contract to go along with it, you will never have to pay future product license fees to get access to new features. That’s unheard of..

Today I’m going to cover what’s included in this new release, PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V:

Global Dedpulication

The Virtual Full backup mode has been a trademark of PHD Virtual Backup for VMware and Citrix environments for years; now it is available for Hyper-V. This advanced data protection approach uses a small Linux virtual machine (the VBA™) running within the virtual environment to perform backup processing that doesn’t impact the management network when accessing the data. All data is processed at the block level and is deduplicated in-line to ensure minimal data is transferred and stored on the backup target. Only unique data is written. There is no need to perform periodic full backups ensuring a consistent, short backup window forever.

Storage-Details_overlay-1Full VM, File and Rollback Recovery

The image-based backup approach stores all information necessary to recover an entire VM in a single-step. There’s no need to manually spin up VMs and install agents prior to recovery. Additionally, if the VM is present, you can use the unique Rollback Recovery method to restore only changed data over top of an existing VM, decreasing recovery time even further. And lastly, even though the backup is image-based, you can still quickly and easily recover guest files for any file system without the use of guest agents.

Forever Incremental Backup 

After the first full backup, only unique data is written for every subsequent backup, ensuring a consistent and short backup window, forever. Gone are the days of needing to periodically run full backups so that your incremental backups can be leveraged in recovery situations. The unique virtual full backup methodology allows you to take one full backup, then only backup changes on that VM forever. This drastically increases backup speed and performance, as smaller amounts of data are being transferred in each backup. It also allows you to save money on expensive storage, by storing less data.

Advanced Web-Based Management and Reporting 

Eliminate backup babysitting with easy to read dashboards and advanced protection reports. There is no need to manually keep an eye on backups anymore, as PHD Virtual allows you to stay in touch with the status of your backups via any Chrome or Firefox web browser that can connect to your environment. This enables you to know exactly what is protected and what is at risk at any given moment.

Dashboard_overlays-1-2-3Automated, Long-Term (GFS) Retention

Another advanced feature of the Virtual Full backup mode is automated GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) retention. Because Virtual Full backups do not create full/incremental backup file chains like most other solutions, each backup acts as an independent recovery point. Therefore, you can simply specify at the VM level how you would like to retain backup data over very long periods of time, without having to keep every backup. This significantly reduces storage usage, allowing you to keep long-term retention on disk, without having to do special full backups periodically or manually delete backups yourself.

Data Verification & Auto-Correction 

Data integrity is a critical component for any long-term backup strategy. Corruptions can occur when data is being transferred. It is vital you have a process built into your backup strategy to identify, and if possible correct, corrupt data. PHD Virtual Backup verifies each block of data it sends to the backup target. This is key to ensure corrupt data does not get stored as backup data, as it will not be valid when you try to perform a recovery.

Not only does PHD identify corrupt blocks of data, in many instances it can auto-correct the problem, saving you time. Detailed alerts will be provided if a corruption is detected, along with whether or not the problem was auto-fixed. This works to ensure a reliable restore consistently.

Protect-Summary_overlay-1Centralized Management and Inventory Control 

The PHD Virtual architecture paves the way for large environment scalability and easy management of many VMs and virtual environments in a single interface. Studies show a majority of companies run more than one hypervisor in their environment. PHD Virtual is the only solution to agentlessly support data protection for all three major hypervisors; Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer. As needs vary for certain workloads, more than one hypervisor may need to be leveraged to fit budget and requirements, and having a backup vendor with the flexibility to support all three is critical.


To download this FREE backup solution today, visit our Buy & Try page!


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