Recovering Your Virtual Machines with PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V

by Patrick Redknap on April 15, 2014

PHD Virtual Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V is the new standard in Hyper-V data protection using all the latest capabilities in Windows Server 2012/R2 to ensure fast data access with little impact to production applications, and NO requirements for guest agents and/or physical backup servers.

The product can significantly reduce you RTO allowing you to:

  • Recover entire VMs in a single step without having to manually spin up VMs and install agents.
  • If the backed up VM is still present, use the unique Rollback Recovery mode to restore only changed data over top of an existing VM, decreasing recovery time even further.
  • Quickly and easily recover individual files

Check out this video showing just how easy it is to recove your virtual machines with PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V!

Find out more about PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V at

You can also try the product now:

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