(Re)introducing ReliableDR: IT Administrators, CIOs, and Russian Proverbs

by Patrick Redknap on June 3, 2014

We are truly excited today to announce a new edition of ReliableDR called “VMware Certified Application Recovery” or VCAR.   For our customers already using this amazing product, you can skip ahead to see what is new in this release.  But for those of you who have never used the product, a short introduction is in order.

First, the basics:  Backups are about trust.

If you are an IT administrator, you are very comfortable with technology.  We at Unitrends are honored that you have chosen our product out of all of the available options on the market to be the data recovery solution for your business.  In short, you trust us to recover your business’ data.

But for the CIO, is trust enough?

As any good CIO will attest, a Disaster Recovery plan must entail more than just recovering data on servers; it is about knowing that you can recover your applications with minimal data loss (Recovery Point Objective) and knowing that the applications are able to be online, servicing clients within a specified time (Recovery Time Objective).     Is it possible to know what your Disaster Recovery RPO and RTOs are at any point in time?

“Trust, but verify”, a Russian Proverb (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trust,_but_verify)

ReliableDR is a product that can not only spin-up virtual machines and validate that their applications start with customizable and application-specific tests, but it can also measure the actual RPO and RTO of your recovery process!  These actual, measured RPO and RTO times are started from a virtual-machine snapshot and validated in a dynamically created isolated network.  After ReliableDR compares these actual times against your specified RPO and RTO goals, it will generate a report that can be mailed to the CIO each day, verifying that the Disaster Recovery goals are met, or alerting your when they are not met (see screenshot below).


So what’s new in ReliabeDR 3.4?

In version 3.4, ReliableDR now integrates with the newly released Recovery-Series version 7.4.  With this combination, ReliableDR can certify that Recovery Series backups of VMWare virtual machines can meet both your specified RTO and RPO goals.   This certification process invokes the Recovery Series’ VMWare Instant Recovery feature, which can specify a VMWare server as a recovery target.  The certification status is then written back to the Recovery Series appliance, so that you can view it in the backup reports.   This validation/certification can be done for either local backups, or replicated backups and works with both Recovery Series physical appliances and the virtual UEB deployment (see screenshot below).


Be sure to check out our YouTube video on what’s new in RDR below:

A free trial download of ReliableDR VMware Certified Application recovery (VCAR) version 3.4 is available here.



Alberto Gonzalez is the Director of ReliableDR product development, based in Madrid Spain.

Keith Boland, PhD is the Director of Technology at Unitrends, based in Columbia, SC.

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