ReliableDR 3.3 officially released today!!!

by Patrick Redknap on January 22, 2014

phdshieldI’ve been talking about it over the last few weeks and today it’s out!!!

ReliableDR version 3.3 is released today!

It’s the only solution that delivers Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware and guarantees you will recover in the event of an outage or disaster! PHD Virtual ReliableDR helps assure business continuity by automating the disaster recovery process to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of failover, failback and testing. Now you can certify your VMs will recover as planned, and within corresponding SLAs.

  • Guarantees recovery with 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing
  • Automatically certifies that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved
  • Fully automates DR testing as often as you want
  • Ensures immediate detection and alerting of deviations
  • Guarantees failover of virtualized applications and business services

With the release of ReliableDR 3.3, PHD Virtual enhances the leading disaster recovery automation and orchestration solution to be even more powerful. Customers can now benefit from even more robust features, such as:

Pay Per Use Reporting for Cloud Service Providers
ReliableDR is used heavily by Cloud Service Providers to provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for their customers. This is made possible by features such as multi-tenancy, vCloud Director integration and one of a kind automation and compliance capabilities. With per per use reporting in version 3.3 it is even easier for providers to offer this service, as usage reporting is now completely automated.

Each month ReliableDR will automatically send a report to PHD Virtual containing that Service Provider’s usage information. This saves the provider time and helps them operate more efficiently by eliminating manual reporting processes.

Expanded Storage Hardware Support
In combination with several strategic technology alliance partners, PHD Virtual fills a gap in disaster recovery by eliminating manual efforts to configure, register and power-on applications at the DR site in a recovery scenario. In ReliableDR 3.3 PHD Virtual added Nimble Storage to the list of vendors where full integration of DR processes is enabled. This includes testing, along with both automated and planned failover and failback, resulting in a powerful, holistic solution for full disaster recovery automation

Increased RPO Compliance
ReliableDR is one of the only solutions to alert against SLA deviations from Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives. In ReliableDR 3.3 Recovery Point Actual (RPA) calculations have been enhanced for compliance purposes, and now measure the data RPA for applications, as well the Certified RPA.

  • Recovery Point Actual (RPA); measured for ReliableDR and CertifiedReplica replication; illustrates the time that has elapsed since the most recent successful replication pass. This accounts for the maximum amount of data lost in the event of an outage.
  • Certified Recovery Point Actual (CRPA); measured for all forms of replication, including storage based; illustrates the time that has elapsed since the most successful certified recovery point (CRP). This accounts for the maximum data loss that has been tested by ReliableDR.

Recovery Job Reporting
A new report in ReliableDR 3.3, the Jobs Report allows a stakeholder to export a professionally formatted PDF of one or multiple recovery jobs, along with the corresponding settings and details. This feature facilitates an easy way to create recovery plan reports for auditing and change tracking over time.

Out of the Box Linux Application Testing
A key differentiator for ReliableDR compared to competitive alternatives has always been excellent out of the box testing for different types of environments: Windows, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. In the latest version, several more tests have been added as standard, out of the box tests, solidifying ReliableDR as the most robust Disaster Recovery Automation Solution:

  • Linux Daemons
  • MySQL Database Queries
  • Network Pings
  • Oracle Database Queries
  • Web Application Testing

Sophisticated Replication
ReliableDR 3.3 delivers enhancements to the replication engine. The scheduler has been updated to allow for a recovery job to schedule replication to be more frequent than testing. This allows for short data Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) in environments that cannot afford the resources to test as frequently as desired.

The scheduler was also enhanced to create a blackout window for replication. This is a window of time where interval replication schedules will not run. This saves production bandwidth during critical parts of the day for running applications.

Find out more about ReliableDR 3.3 at:

You can also watch the video here:

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