Storage Switzerland Examines PHD Virtual 6.2 + CloudHook!

by Patrick Redknap on March 12, 2013

Today Storage Switzerland an analyst firm focused on the virtualization and storage marketplaces published and article by Eric Slack on PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 and Cloudhook.

The article was very positive overall covering PHD’s VBA’s, Fast backups, CloudHook, Archive and Cloud DR, Intelligent recovery and market benefits (particularly to SMBs).

The article rounded up by saying:

PHD Virtual’s VM-based backup appliance (VBA) brought high performance and flexibility to virtual backup and recovery, at an affordable cost. Rollback Recovery addressed the issue of restoring large data sets from the cloud, making PHD Virtual an ideal solution for companies that lack a reliable “off-siting” process for critical data. Now with CloudHook, they’re adding the ability to connect to several different public cloud
providers, further improving flexibility and cost containment.

You can read the full article at

You can also try PHD Virtual Backup now for FREE –

Also CloudHook is FREE for ALL your hosts for the first year with the purchase of one PHD Virtual Backup license. So now is the time to buy!

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