Unitrends Release 7.4 Performance Enhancements

by Dr Mark Campbell on April 22, 2014

UEB-7-4-219x300[This post is one in a series concerning release 7.4 for Replication-Series physical appliances and our UEB virtual appliance.  The overview for this series may be found here.]

Every time Unitrends releases new software for our Recovery-Series physical appliances and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) virtual appliance there are performance enhancements.  We have a small team that continuously benchmarks our software (and well as the software of our competitors) to learn of opportunities for improvement.  Equally (or more!) importantly, we have a huge number of customers using our software who are willing to share with us opportunities for improvement.  This has led to our new release 7.4 which contains some pretty amazing new performance capabilities.  The advantages to our customers include (note: some of these were previously described in the Unified Bare Metal section; they are described here for completeness):

  • More retention. Up to 100% more retention due to the need for only one backup type and the enhanced deduplication characteristics of that new unified bare metal/master backup type.  VMware backups now offer higher deduplication rates; in medium to higher change rate environments our customers have seen improvements of up to 90% per master or synthetic.
  • Faster replication.  Replication improvements of up to 100% due to the enhanced deduplication characteristics of the new unified bare metal/master backup type.  Increased VMware deduplication rates have yielded performance improvements of up to 10X faster depending upon the speed of the WAN.  In addition, several core replication algorithms have been optimized yielding an increase in replication performance in heavily used system by up to 130%.
  • Smaller backup window.  The one-pass architecture of Unified Bare Metal enables up to 100% time savings versus the prior two-pass architecture.  In addition, backups are typically landed faster due to improved space replication – the impact can be 10% or more on heavily utilized appliances.
  • Faster RTO.  With Unified Bare Metal there is no longer the need to restore the bare metal and then restore the file-based backup.  This means that RTO is improved by as much as 100%.  With UEB Windows Instant Recovery RTO time for physical windows recovery has improved from hours to a few minutes.
  • Smaller archiving window.  One of the things that sets Unitrends apart is our D2D2x archiving capabilities.  In release 7.4, we’ve implemented a parallel archiving scheme that enables multiple archive jobs to execute concurrently.  This can improve archiving performance by 50% to 200%

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