vExpert Vladan Seget Reviews PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 + CloudHook!

by Patrick Redknap on March 6, 2013

vExpert Vladan Seget has just released an in depth review of PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 + CloudHook and it is certainly worth a read!

The post covers everything from setting up cloud storage to configuring CloudHook with a 3rd party cloud storage provider!

Vladan wraps up the post saying:

With the new version 6.2 of PHD Virtual Backup, PHD Virtual is delivering a powerful product that makes it easy to take advantage of affordable automated cloud storage as an offsite backup location. With CloudHook, PHD Virtual is providing a great way for SMBs to become less vulnerable to accidents, disasters and failures.

Vladan’s full review is here:

You can find out more info on PHD Virtual Backup with CloudHook here:

You can also try PHD Virtual Backup and Monitoring now for FREE!!!!

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