VMware experts head-to-head in Blog Contest

by Patrick Redknap on September 26, 2009

The new VMware vSphere Blog, was recently launched to provide a central portal for news, commentary, resources and other information about VMware vSphere.

Today Eric Sloof of NTPro.nl listed some great articles as part of a blog contest which have been featured over the last two weeks including:

Eric Siebert – Master’s guide to VMware Fault Tolerance
Barry Coombs – VMware FT
David Strebel – VMware Fault Tolerance Setup and Best Practices
Hany Michael – vSphere 4.0 Fault Tolerance (Architecture Diagram, Video and Use Cases)
Joep Piscaer – What I’ve learned from BC2961, “VMware Fault Tolerance Architecture and Performance”
Cody Bunch – Scheduling VMware’s FT (Fault Tolerance)
Rynardt Spies – VMware FT…Can you afford a SAN failure?
Roger Lund – VMware Fault Tolerance: What is it? What does it do?
Jason Boche – After enabling FT on a VM – subtleties to expect
Eric Sloof – Fault Tolerance at your home lab

The first round of the contest featured articles on Fault Tolerance and is now closed.

The next round “vNetwork Distributed Switch” will begin on Monday. If you want to join the contest, drop John Troyer a line and point out your website.

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