We can now backup your physical, virtual + cloud environment!

by Patrick Redknap on February 12, 2014

Whatever your backup and DR plan requires, Unitrends and PHD Virtual now have a solution for all your needs regardless of what hypervisor you are running or if your environment is physical, virtual or a cloud environment!


The Unitrends Recovery-Series family of appliances delivers backup, archiving, disaster recovery and instant recovery in a shrink-wrapped package. Federated + scalable architecture means flexible deployment options and no more fork-lift upgrades.

No Limits Licensing gives you the lowest TCO in the industry and maximum protection for your environment. The appliance works alone or in tandem with our Unitrends Enterprise Backup, and can extend to the cloud for replication protection.



Unitrends Enterprise Backup is a software-only solution, available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. It delivers the same proven Unified Data Protection as the Unitrends Recovery-Series hardware appliances as a powerful, all-inclusive virtual appliance that can protect your virtual and physical infrastructure, host- and guest-level, and extend that data protection to the cloud.

PHD Virtual Recovery Management Suite (RMS) is a comprehensive, unified data protection and recovery solution for VMware environments. It dramatically reduces the cost of granular data, application, business service and site-wide recovery as well as automating manual recovery processes and constantly verifying that recovery can occur within acceptable SLAs. It is suitable to backup and recover all kinds of data for all kinds of situations with unprecedented reliability and speed.

Recovery Management Suite is 3 products in one featuring PHD Virtual’s Backup for VMware, ReliableDR and Cloudhook solutions!



Unitrends offers optional cloud protection through replication.  Replication technology transmits your on-premise backup data to your public or private cloud replication target and is often part of a broader disaster recovery plan.  Unitrends offers two types of cloud-based protection:

Unitrends Cloud public cloud service and Unitrends technology-enabled private clouds. With Unitrends Cloud service, a customer who has on-premise protection via an appliance is able to achieve disaster recovery without purchasing any additional equipment. Customers replicate to the cloud and the off-premise appliance is embedded in our cloud-based service. In private vaulting, the customer owns both the on-premise and off-premise appliances.

PHD Virtual CloudHook is an easy, affordable solution for backup and archiving to the cloud guaranteeing that you will recover in the event of an outage or disaster. Using PHD’s award-winning virtual backup appliance (VBA) in combination with our unique CloudHook technology CloudHook delivers the absolute best value in affordable, easy, flexible and secure cloud backup for small and mid-sized businesses.


So there you have it! A whole bunch of great products to cater for elements of any backup + DR plan!

Below are the links for you to take a look at them!

Unitrends Recovery-Series

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

PHD Backup and Replication

PHD Virtual ReliableDR

PHD CloudHook

PHD Recovery Management Suite

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