Webinar – What’s New in Unitrends Backup 8.0

by Patrick Redknap on April 18, 2014

First of all i’m going to start this post by saying Happy Good Friday for those of you who celebrate the holiday! It’s a national holiday on the UK here, but if you are in the US then you’ll no doubt still be in the office! :)

So while you are in the office you need to mark down this date/details of a MUST NOT MISS WEBINAR!


What’s New in Unitrends Backup 8.0
May 21, 2014

Virtual backup has never been more popular. However as these solutions mature, concerns abound in affordability and simplicity. What began as affordable and simple solutions for virtualization administrators to protect their VMs has evolved into a bloat-ware laden plethora of features that are not only overly complex, but far too expensive to purchase and manage. We believe a revolution is needed and we began building that revolution over 18 months ago. With the introduction of Unitrends Backup 8.0, we’re taking virtual backup back to its roots – sophisticated yet simple and affordable. Join this webinar to learn all about the next evolution of Unitrends Virtual Backup.

Register for the webinar right now at this link:

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