What is V-CAR from Unitrends?

by Patrick Redknap on May 30, 2014

VMware Certified Application Recovery (V-CAR), an option for Recovery Series Appliances (RS) and Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) brings the power of ReliableDR, Recovery Assurance to UEB/RS backups.

Have you ever tried to recover data only to discover a corrupt backup? Or tried to initiate a failover but were unable to come back online in the time required? Unfortunately recovery headaches like this are all too common for today’s vSphere Admin, V-CAR assures recovery, eliminating these problems in the future.

V-CAR is available in release 3.4 of ReliableDR and can be integrated with the Unitrends Recovery Series appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup. This feature allows users to orchestrate recovery processes directly from data backed up by UEB or RS appliances. From on premise to the DR site, V-CAR assures certified recovery of applications, business continuity, disaster recovery, and SLA compliance.

The video below will show you a little more about V-CAR!

You can also find out more and download on the Unitrends V-CAR webpage!

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