When is a FRACTION of something a good thing?

by Donna Grare on April 15, 2014

When it’s a fraction of the TIME and a fraction of the COST and a fraction of the RESOURCES NEEDED


PHD Virtual Backup 8.0 delivers on a lot of fractions you care about every day.  Virtual worlds, virtual machines, and real world data are growing rapidly. So how do you protect your virtual environments affordably?

Enter PHD Virtual Backup 8.0.

We are the ONLY virtual protection vendor that supports the top thee hypervisors, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V all in one view.

Affordable is not just a one-time savings – every day you use PHD Virtual Backup you continue to save.  We protect your virtual world using less storage, memory and time.  This equals real savings that turn into real dollars.

  • YOUR storage costs are a fraction with PHDVB’s revolutionary storage algorithms, as we store all your data for years in 1/3 the space.
  • The amount of YOUR virtual environments’ resources needed are a fraction with PHDVB as 1/4 the memory saves 1/20 the data and moves 1/20 the data when replicating, archiving or syncing over a wide area network (vs. non-source-side dedupe products).
  • YOUR time required to backup, restore and manage is just a fraction of other products.  With our “Virtual Full” (only run a full backup once, not weekly or monthly), source-side dedupe (read and write only changed data), Rollback (write back only the changes) and our own patented Instant Restore, we save you time every day.

Simple has been a core tenet of our software for years; we wrote the book on easy-to-use virtual backup and we just leap-frogged ourselves on this with 8.0.


You can perform all of the standard actions with fewer clicks, in fewer screens, and in fewer minutes.  You can even perform a complex action like backing up all VMs that failed last night in only 4 clicks.

  • 0 CLICKS – Dashboard widgets display your most important stats.  For example, the number of protected and unprotected VMs, your total storage, and the amount of storage used versus allocated, write speed, % growth per day, data change rate per day, and dedupe achieved.
  • 1 CLICK – Click any widget for critical reports.  For example, all the protected VMs, all VMs not protected, all backup, and restore, and replication jobs that errored in the past 5 days, all active FLR sessions and all active IR sessions.
  • 2 CLICKS – View a Protection Summary Report that shows you all protected VMs, unprotected VMs, archived backups, and replication details.
  • 3 CLICKS – Backup all of your environments’ VMs in just 3 clicks and let PHDVB load-balance across available storage automatically.
  • 3 CLICKS – Recover a VM to a restore point with Rollback in only 3 clicks; using CBT to determine the changed data between the recovery point and production.  Then writing only changed data to achieve amazing recovery speeds in a fraction of the time.

We’ll be announcing much more in the weeks to come.  We’re in beta now with several hundred customers and plan to make PHD Virtual Backup 8.0 generally available in mid-to-late second quarter.

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