Why PHD Virtual Delivers So Much More Value for Citrix Backup & Recovery

by Patrick Redknap on January 8, 2014

PHD Virtual‘s Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) deploys and is managed directly from the XenServer hypervisor without requiring any physical servers or additional software.

  • Ultrafast performance with effortless scalability
  • Easy, flexible and affordable offsite backup and archiving, even to the cloud
  • Built in ease of use with no training of extra hardware/software required
  • Advanced application recovery for Exchange and SharePoint

What’s New in PHD Virtual Backup 6.5

New! Advanced local and offsite Backup archiving - Easily copy backup data to the cloud, offsite or removable disk devices. Take advantage of fast, automated and reliable recovery from these archived backups.

New! Seamless exchange SharePoint Search & recovery - Cut the time and expense normally associated with Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint item search and restoration. Powered by proven leader Ontrack Power Controls and integrated with PHD Virtual Backup.

New! interval Backup and replication Scheduling - Utilize granular interval scheduling as frequently as every 15 minutes to achieve a cost effective, storage agnostic disaster recovery assurance solution.

New! S3 Storage compatibility - PHD Virtual CloudHook has expanded object storage beyond OpenStack/Swift to include S3 compatible platforms—enabling Cloud Service Providers to allow their customers to backup and archive data to their cloud storage.

Why choose PHD Virtual Backup, recovery and replication?

PHD Virtual is #1 for on-premise virtual backup and recovery, and offsite backup,archiving and replication, including a seamless link to the cloud!

1. Automated, secure local and offsite backup archiving and recovery

PHD Virtual lets you easily copy backup data locally or offsite, archiving data to the cloud using CloudHook™ or sending data to removable disk devices. Assures fast, automated, reliable recovery from archived backups in the cloud or removable disk.

2. Fast, efficient search and recovery of Exchange and Sharepoint

PHD Virtual provides super-fast search and recovery of specific items with no impact on your apps, so you get seamless, simple restoration, retrieval, collection, migration and consolidation of Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint.

3. Quick easy installation for instant value

PHD Virtual Backup installs and configures in 10 minutes or less. There’s no training or professional services required with our virtual backup solutions, and with menus integrated into your existing hypervisor client and an intuitive, wizard-driven interface, you won’t even need to read the documentation.

4. Quicker, easier and more effective scaling

PHD Virtual’s unique architecture scales faster and more effectively. Deploying a new Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) to handle additional workload or setting up a new backup job takes only minutes.

5. Faster performance

PHD Virtual Backup performs 3 to 5 times faster on backups when compared to competitors. We maximize speed by leveraging the best technologies available including change block tracking and deduplication.

6. Faster data recovery

Rollback Recovery gets you back up and running in minutes while File Recovery options provide access to your backed up files, folders and application objects within seconds.

7. Smallest footprint

PHD Virtual Backup has one simple component: the Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA). There are no management servers, proxy servers, or data servers required by many other solutions.

8. No physical machines. No added license costs.

Unlike other virtual recovery solutions that require one or more physical machines along with their extra costs and labor, PHD Virtual Backup is exclusively virtual. So there are no extra costs for additional hardware, operating systems, product licenses, or maintenance associated with licenses.

9. Lower demand on resources

PHD Virtual’s exclusive virtual architecture places lower demands on your infrastructure, off-loading processing from production VMs, using direct-attached snapshots, and conducting source-side deduplication.

10. Lowest storage usage

PHD Virtual Backup’s built-in, multi-stage deduplication technology uses less storage than competitors who only utilize deduplication across a single backup job.

11. More secure

PHD Virtual Backup passes industry-standard data center security tests. It can be configured with trusted security certificates nd data encryption is supported for data in-motion and at-rest.

12. More affordable

PHD Virtual costs up to 40% less than competitors while delivering far more value!


Don’t trust us though! See what some of the industries leading experts have to say:

“By leveraging the existing virtual infrastructure and taking advantage of its server and storage hardware as well as its virtual management interfaces, PHD Virtual keeps backup costs low even as it increases the level of data protection for VM environments. These techniques illustrate why PHD has separated itselffrom competitors in this space.”

- Jerome Wendt, Lead Analyst DCIG

“PHD Virtual Backup is tailored for Citrix, and they speak the Citrix language. PHD keeps up with all the feature pack releases and offers direct integration with XenCenter. We use their solution to backup our systems daily, and we also use their replication feature to replicate our critical systems to a secondary site for DR protection. The best part is we do all this without impacting our production systems. If people are using Citrix for their virtualization platform they should definitely being using PHD Virtual for data protection.”

- Tony Archibold, Living Water International

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