Why Unitrends is the best product for all your data protection requirements

by Patrick Redknap on March 6, 2014

In today’s post I’m going to take a look at why Unitrends products are a best fit to address all your data protection needs!


The one word answer that encapsulates all of the major requirements and costing is “VALUE”

The acquisition of PHD Virtual by Unitrends means that you now have an all-in-one provider for backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery solutions.  You get unmatched value across the board to protect your data and guarantee recovery when you need it most.

This means that you get:

  • Faster, more reliable and affordable backup and recovery for virtual, cloud and physical environments
  • Crazy-commitment to our customers with a 98% satisfaction rating
  • Convenient, simplified multiple hypervisor backup and recovery for VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V
  • Guaranteed application and full site failover, failback and recovery
  • Automated testing and verification of recovery SLA’s

But that’s not all! You also get the best of bost worlds when it comes to physical & virtual environments!

Unitrends Enterprise Backup offers the optimal solution for small and midsize businesses that want the benefits of virtualization with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, but need to manage physical servers too!

1. Single source solution

Combines the best of all worlds for backup and recovery for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Unique architecture supports agent-based and agentless protection as well as file- and image-level protection.

2, Ultimate flexibility for hybrid environment recovery

Agentless and agent-based data protection and recovery delivers ultimate flexibility in how you choose to migrate and recover your applications depending on your mix of available resources, enabling you to perform P2P, V2P, P2V, and V2V recovery.

3. Seamless cross migration between physical and virtual

Provides a powerful engine for migrations between physical and virtual environments, making recovery times faster in cases where you would otherwise need to wait for hardware repairs.

4. Customizable backup strategies

Configurations include incremental forever with synthetics for VMware and Hyper-V (as well as some physical environments) as well as full/full, full/differential, full/ incremental, along with “create it yourself” options.

5. Instant recovery

Failover virtualization enables instant spin-up recovery and instant granular recovery for VMware.

6. Always on data protection.

RPO (Recovery Point Objectives can be set for backups and performed as often as every 60 seconds.

7. Global deduplication

Provides automatic, built in compression and deduplication across multiple storage devices via advanced storage virtualization and thin provisioning capabilities. Plus CBT (Change Block Tracking) support on both Microsoft and VMware hypervisors to eliminate redundant data.

8. Built in archiving

Disk, tape (if the hypervisor supports it), NAS, and SAN rotational and fixed archiving of tertiary backups works alone and with replication with minimal impact on WAN bandwidth.

9. Single/ Multiple Tenant Replication and DR

Single-tenant and multi-tenant replication is supported both in a private cloud as well as through the public cloud Unitrends Cloud service.

10. Adaptive user customizable interface.

Unique, adaptive user interface provides ease of use without sacrificing click minimization for experienced users—all without wizards.

11. Convenient Scheduling

Offers both single server job scheduling and multiple server job scheduling.

12. Unmatched platform support

Supports more than 100 versions of servers, storage, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications including NAS, SAN, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, and many others.

So there you have it! 12 reasons to choose Unitrends & PHD Virtual products! Yes TWELVE!!!!

Find out more about PHD Virtual and Unitrends today!

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