Why you should be prepared for Disaster to strike!

by Patrick Redknap on March 12, 2014

Most organizations understand the importance of keeping critical data safe from both manual and natural disasters but few it seems have a solid plan in place.

DRBenchmark.org’s recent report on the state of disaster preparedness showed solid stats that 3 in 4 companies are at risk and are failing to prepare for disaster recovery!

It’s something you need to to the day will come that data is lost and excluding the compromised data there is also loss of productivity which can immobilize an entire business for hours or even days. Even with the best-laid plans ready to help you disaster can still strike. Those who are prepared suffer the least!

Businesses of every size should implement a regularly tested disaster recovery plan for their entire business infrastructure. The plan should include consideration for all servers and workstations despite their nature, a method for automatically replicating data offsite, a solution to provide robust backup status metrics, monitoring and failsafe alert notifications.

This is where recovery management suite shines and can help your environemnt cover all it’s bases in case you suffer a catastrophic outage!

Recovery Management Suite is the first and only solution to provide you with recovery capabilities that span the full continuum of need, enabling your organization to backup and recover all kinds of data for all kinds of situations with unprecedented speed and reliability.
It combines the unique backup and recovery capabilities of our award-winning PHD Virtual products into one integrated solution.

RDR diag

Don’t just take my word on it though! Check out our customer success stories!

This video will also give you the lowdown on RMS! Enjoy!


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