Windows Integrated Bare Metal Backup with Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4

by Patrick Redknap on May 16, 2014

UEB-7-4-219x300Bare Metal Backup (BMR) has been a core competency of Unitrends for a long time.  It provides the ability to recover an entire physical system, its data and applications, as well as the hardware configuration.

Our aim with the future development of all of our software and hardware offerings has always been to continue to improve the performance and efficiency of our existing features and to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

In environments with physical Windows systems you will often want to be able to recover more than just server and application data, but an entire machine to protect against hardware failures, replacement, or system migration (P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V).

Windows Integrated BMR does just this by simplifying the BMR process.  Prior to the Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4 release, a special BMR backup was needed for this recovery method.  This meant users had to perform both file and BMR backups against the same data.  Now, the BMR capability is embedded in the file level backup process, reducing job setup and management, as well as a 2X reduction of backup data!

The key benefits of this include:

  • Flexible recovery and system migration (P2V, etc) with half the backup storage
  • Improved long-term retention on disk (local and offsite)
  • Significantly reduce backup and replication windows, as well as network utilization

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